DEKON Protocol Services

DEKON's Protocol Services Department provides exceptional organization and consultancy services for State Institutions, Inter-Governmental Organizations, Private Organizations and Occupational Associations. The expertise of the team, specially built for Protocol Services, can be observed during Summits, Technical Meetings, Inauguration and Groundbreaking Ceremonies.

  • Projection, programming and coordination,
  • Destination and location selection,
  • Projection, programming and coordination,
  • Destination and location selection,
  • Budgeting and financing,
  • Registration services in hierarchical order,
  • Accommodation services in hierarchical order,
  • Transportation services in hierarchical order,
  • Meeting and greeting services at VIP Lounge in hierarchical order,
  • Transportation Rental Services (Limousine, boat, helicopter, airplane, bus, minibus etc.),
  • Meeting Room Services (Planning, providing and operating of the technical equipment to be used in the meeting services),
  • Bilateral Meeting Services,
  • B2B Meeting services by using a special software,
  • Organization of the social activities before, after and during the meeting services,
  • Decoration of the meeting venues,
  • Interpretation services,
  • Design and manufacturing of printed and stamped materials,
  • VIP meeting services, provision of accommodation and arrangement of arrivals and departures,
  • Provision of personnel for the organizations services (Host/Hostess, Security, Cleaning etc.)