DEKON Construction & Development

Why is our URL DeKonstruction? Two reasons, first of all, as DEKON Construction & Development we are part of DEKON Group of Companies, so we proudly carry the name of our mother company as part of our name too. But secondly, and this is even much more important to us, because we are in the construction business, we believe that we have to constantly analyze the future of living and to discover new ways to live in harmony with our environment. dictionary tells that 'Deconstruction means "breaking down" or analyzing something to discover its true significance, which is supposedly almost never exactly what has been intended.'

We all are parents, life partners, wives, husbands, or simply individuals, and we all have the responsibility to leave a healthy and livable environment to our children and future generations. Buildings have a substantial impact on the health and wellbeing of people and the planet, that's why we are here!

When we build new, we don't have only the wellbeing of the future inhabitants in mind, we also want to show our respect to the nature, and we always have a future adaptive re-use in mind. We also work with existing properties, but then, instead of tearing down and constructing new, we focus on rehabilitation, renovation and repurposing of the existing buildings to meet the modern user's needs.
Sometimes we renovate old buildings, sometimes we combine a whole row of existing structures and convert them into something with a completely new purpose.

Having this vision in mind, DEKON Construction & Development was born in 2017. Join our journey of making a difference in living, both in business and in our homes!


Architectural Services
  • Architectural Concept Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • 3D Modelling & Visualisation
  • Renovation Design and Management
  • Restitution and Restoration - Project and Management
Interior Design and Production
  • Interior Concept Design
  • Interior Implementation
  • Interior Production
Construction Management and Development
  • Building and Land Surveying
  • Construction Consultancy
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Construction Site Management